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Reicio Vesper - Full Body by xxWolfshadowxx Reicio Vesper - Full Body by xxWolfshadowxx
EDIT: Thinned out all the clunky outlines, added the choker, and lightened her pants. I'm rather satisfied with it now. May have to thin the headphones outline too though.

Last one for a while now. This destroyed my neck so yeah. I don't like the shirt, hair, and headphones outline cause I made them too big and didn't realize it until I couldn't change to something normal looking. Go me. And I am a cheater cause I used a base but stfu. I can't draw people all that well on paper so they suck even more on here. Trust me, I tried it. I'll be posting her bio below and scrapping her old marker portrait.

Also, she has the visor down that protects her eyes from strong sunlight. Just wanted to draw it. Again, probably got the age conversion wrong and somebody will probably yell at me for giving her white hair. If you do that, fuck you. I followed all the other Troll rules everyone screws over so shut up. I did the DNA internet name, six letter name, and even took a canon blood color and world. So there.

Base: [link] - Changed the skin and eyes to fit my character.

Ventul Vuples


Name: Reicio Vesper [Rei] (Last name means bat in Latin)

Age: 7 Alternian solar sweeps (14 earth years)

Species: Troll

Gender: Female

Blood: Teal

Zodiac Sign: Sotz' (Mayan Bat)

Lusus: Bat

Derse/Prospit: Derse dreamer

Title: Mage of Breath

Planet: Land of Quartz and Melody

Screen Name: avaritiaUmbra (Greed and Shadow/Darkness in Latin and AU in DNA)

Typing Style: }What does that eVen Begin to explain? Are you just Being stupid With Me?{
Capitalizes all Ws, Vs, Ms, and Bs and surrounds sentences with }{

Strife Specibus: Headphone Kind- Using high pitches and strong vibrations, she can break bones or liquefy objects; can also damage herself in the process.

Fetch Modus: Sound Identification- Must recognize which sound goes with which item.

Personality: Rei despises most things bright, loud, and hot and prefers to stay inside her cave dwelling with her Lusus. Sheís also a bit self-conscious of her hair, only adding to why she stays inside. However, this means she spends much of her time online, chatting with her friends and even dabbling a bit in roleplaying. She also has developed a taste for action but enjoys laughing, albeit quietly. Because of an event in her past, she tends to distrust people, avoiding being too close to them but still putting on a mask of politeness. She can have a short temper at times and is easily frustrated, resorting to insults and sarcasm before becoming angered and yelling. She doesnít enjoy having her intelligence questioned so she has spent a lot of time reading, even though itís strenuous on her eyes. Vibrations will also send her into a panic if theyíre strong enough and if she finds out someone is using them to mess with her she will have no second thoughts of melting their brain. She is also devoted to her Lusus, adopting a sign to match it more than her actual astronomical one. She often will second guess her actions, having little faith in her own knowledge and believes that people never tell the truth the first time, putting on a mask instead of trusting them.

History: Her Lusus was the only who would take her in after she passed the trials, not caring about her hair that displeased the others and focusing on the girlís keen hearing and amazing night vision. For this, Rei will do anything to please her Lusus, owing her life to the creature. Before it demanded other Lusus to feed upon, she would venture out to play with the other few trolls around her Hive. This habit was quickly ended when one stole her headphones, exposing her to the loud world and sending her system into shock. After her Lusus rescued her, that Trollís guardian was the first meal she ever obtained for her own. A few sweeps later, her Lusus began to take her out for midnight flights, instilling in her a love for the activity. Unfortunately, tragedy struck once more during a violent earthquake that both crippled her Lusus and damaged her right arm. Refusing to abandon the creature, she has begun hunting smaller Lusus and spending all other time with the beast, refusing to leave the Hive for any other purpose than to hunt.

Relations: --- (All are open if anyone wants to claim.)

Likes: Darkness, music, people who donít yell, chocolate, flying, writing, the cold, wind, running for long periods of time, dark colors, comedy and action movies

Dislikes: Loud noises, the sun, hot weather, rain, bright colors, earthquakes, romance movies

:bulletpurple:She has white hair because of her time spent underground with her Lusus. It is also believed she may be a form of Albino Troll but there is no proof of this.
:bulletpurple:Her headphones can create a visor to shield her eyes from strong light while also muffling sound so her ears arenít damaged. Once inside her session, the visor also functions as a computer.
:bulletpurple:The headphones also have a music library for her to listen to.
:bulletpurple:Her right arm is next to useless, only able to be raised to shoulder level and her hand can only grasp light objects.
:bulletpurple:She still has a few bouts of deafness from when her headphones removed, causing issues whenever someone tries to talk with her.
Winterhowle Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The hair is weird. :O

Other than that it's really good, Night!
xxWolfshadowxx Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I may or may not try and make the outline thinner for her hair but yeah. I dunno if I want to keep it white or change it to black...
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